Renting a House in Dublin

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When going abroad for language education, you can arrange your own accommodation. Contrary to common belief, finding and renting a house in Ireland is a tiring process. Due to the limited number of houses, they often choose tenants through interviews, as if conducting an interview process.

Renting a house in Ireland somewhat depends on your initiative. However, we do not recommend paying rent in advance before coming to Ireland, as [Eğitim İrlanda]( advises. Some unreliable websites might ask for money transfers in advance. We recommend that you avoid falling into such traps. Just like in Turkey, you can find apartments for rent directly from owners or through real estate agents in Ireland. Below, we briefly discuss the conditions for renting a house in Ireland and some house rental websites.


How to Rent a House in Ireland?

Ireland has a population of around 5,000,000. Due to its small population and land area, finding a house can be difficult. Approximately 5 years ago, Ireland, which used to be among the poorest countries in Europe, improved its economy with recent developments and has achieved a good position in Europe. Due to past economic difficulties, the construction sector was not well developed at that time. Therefore, finding a rental house can be considered challenging or costly.

Unlike Turkey, the real estate culture is not widespread in Ireland. Therefore, those who want to rent a house often search online instead of contacting real estate agents. You can achieve more comprehensive results by searching online instead of spending a long time looking for options. By checking the internet sites we will provide at the end of the article, you can see the available rental houses.

Tips for Renting a House in Ireland

Renting a house in Ireland might seem like a common task as usual, but there are important points to consider. So, what are they?

 Location of the House in Ireland

Being close to the city center does not necessarily mean that the house you are renting is in a good location. Before renting a house, you should analyze the neighborhood where you will live, observe the residents, and do thorough research on the type of people living there. Otherwise, you might not feel safe. Unlike many metropolitan cities, Ireland is a well-organized country. For example, in Ireland, people living in older, tall buildings in the city center are considered lower-income individuals, while those living in detached houses with gardens located 25-40 minutes away from the city center are considered more elite.

Additionally, even if you find a house in a region close to the city center, it might be the farthest from a bus stop, or even if there is a bus stop nearby, the bus you need might not pass through that stop. This could result in having to make transfers, pay more money, and waste more time.

If you live in areas far from the city, be prepared for a minimum of 25-30 minutes of travel to the city center by bus. The most important thing to note is the accessibility of public transportation between the rented house and Dublin city center. Avoiding multiple transfers will improve your quality of life. You can easily check which buses pass through the stops in your area by downloading the Dublin Bus app on your phone.

 Heating Method and Insulation of the House in Ireland

If the house you are renting in Ireland is heated with electricity, I’m sorry to say that it’s not the best option. Electricity is one of the most expensive utilities in Ireland, so you should look for a house that is heated with natural gas. Additionally, you can replace the bulbs in the house with LED ones to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.

 Moving in Ireland

In Ireland, almost all houses are rented or even sold furnished. Before moving into the rented house, you will only bring your clothes and personal necessities, similar to checking into a hotel. However, if you have a lot of belongings, it’s not very practical to move them all using public transportation. You can use the MyTaxi app to call a taxi and transport your belongings. If you received a job invitation and came to Ireland for work, make sure to take the taxi receipt when you get out of the taxi and report it as a moving expense as soon as possible.

No Bargaining for Rent in Ireland!

Finding a house in Ireland is a time-consuming process, and there might be 100 more people waiting to rent the same house after you. Therefore, to avoid losing your chance, it’s best not to bargain and avoid giving the landlord a negative impression about you.

 Learn All the Details About the Rented House in Ireland

If you rent a detached house in Ireland, you might need to pay parking fees and garbage taxes. To avoid surprises later on, be sure to ask the landlord for information about these aspects. Thoroughly check the inventory of items listed in the rental agreement of the house, and if there are any missing items, inform the landlord. This way, you won’t have any missing items, and this information won’t be held against you when you move out.

Lastly, this might not be important for everyone, but Ireland is a humid country, so when inspecting a house, check for mold in the corners of walls and ceilings.

House Rental Websites in Ireland

Here are some websites where you can find extensive information about renting houses in Ireland. (

Daft is one of the most comprehensive real estate websites in Ireland. If you plan to come to Ireland for a long-term education, you can find long-term listings on this site. ( is a website specifically created for those who want to rent houses in Ireland.

This website offers different rental options for short-term, long-term, or holiday purposes for those who want to come to Ireland. You can search based on the city you will be in Ireland. By determining your house rental budget and preferences (such as listings only for females), you can create search filters.

Gumtree (

Gumtree is a website established for buying and selling second-hand items and renting houses in Ireland. You can find affordable rental house or room listings on this site, and you can also buy second-hand items at a lower price or sell unused items for extra money.

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